Seven Amazing Wedding Tips for a DIY Bride

Seven Amazing Wedding Tips for a DIY Bride

November 21, 2017 Blog

Seven Amazing Wedding Tips for a DIY

Do It Yourself brides are on the rise, especially in this economy. Women still want the wedding of their dreams but are realizing that the price tag does not fit the budget. As a result, many of them are rolling up their sleeves, heading to Michaels and doing a lot of the legwork themselves. But before you reach for your hot glue gun, below are seven effective and beneficial tips for having a successful DIY wedding:

Seven Amazing Wedding Tips for a DIY Bride

Organization is Key – Whether it’s a three-ring binder or an old daily planner, utilizing tools that help you stay organized is the key to any successful DIY wedding. Designate a notebook or binder where you can keep all wedding-related information including contracts, receipts, important contact info, a calendar and even magazine clippings for inspiration.

Enlist Help – With so much already on your plate as a bride-to-be and even more so planning a DIY wedding, it’s unrealistic that you’ll be able to accomplish everything you need to by yourself. Thus, for the sake of your wedding (and sanity), enlist the help of family members and your bridesmaids on tedious tasks such as addressing the invitations or tracking down guest RSVPs.

Research, Research, Research – From chair covers to personalized favors, doing your homework will ensure you get exactly what you want for the best price possible. Whether you’re shopping online or around town, compare prices on products you need and inquire with retailers to see if they offer special pricing when you buy in bulk.

Consider Having Outdoor Nuptials – If you’re getting married during the warm summer months, a DIY wedding becomes almost effortless when you incorporate a breathtaking view. Having a wedding outdoors requires very little additional décor to create a beautiful, romantic setting for your nuptials – think to exchange vows on the beach or in an English garden.

Scour the Web – Some of the best deals on wedding-related products can often be found online, especially when it comes to one-use items. For example, simply searching “disposable plates wedding” will yield a handful of online retailers providing tableware designed specifically for weddings.

 Work with One Supplier – You may find it easier (and cheaper) to work with a single supplier when it comes to correlating products. For instance, get all your paper and stationery for the invitations, labels, place settings, ceremony programs, etc. from the same retailer (which will also ensure everything seamlessly matches).

Think Simplicity – A gorgeous wedding doesn’t necessarily equate lavish, over-the-top decor. To create a romantic, beautiful ambiance, think simplicity when planning the ceremony and reception decor.

Utilize lighting (candles, votives, white Christmas lights, etc.), drapes, flowers, ribbon, and vases. Most of the items you’ll need to create a stunning yet simplistic decor can be purchased from any party goods or crafts store.


In the midst of these tough economic times, it comes as no surprise that many brides are cutting costs by tackling every aspect of their wedding themselves. A DIY wedding may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! From the favors to the flowers, following the tips given in this article will help you have that awesome and pocket-friendly wedding.

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